About Us

Founded in 1971, Pisces Enterprises quickly became the market leader in the specialty area of live aquarium plants due to large investment in both human technical knowhow and in state of the art greenhouses, aquatic plant growing facilities, a tissue culture laboratory and an in-house quarantine room, all climate controlled and staffed by leading experts. In the late 1980’s a need was identified for a reliable supplier and producer of live insects for the zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Research and development over the last four decades has resulted in our extensive facilities that provide year-round supply of live food and frozen feeders.

As the pioneers of the live aquarium plant and live food industries in Australia we are proud to be recognized as the best in the business. Every week we supply over 1,000 retail shops and zoos with our products. In 2010 Pisces Enterprises expanded further and founded Pisces Aquatics. Our vision to breed and grow tropical fish in Australia has now become a reality, with over 150 species of locally grown fish available all year round. From humble beginnings as a husband and wife family enterprise, Pisces Enterprises now employs over 100 full time staff and continues to be fully owned and operated by the Frazer family some 45 plus years after the first plant was grown and sold.